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Posted by hj on October 27, 19100 at 03:16:24:
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If the heater was working properly, it would not be necessary in the first place, so after cleaning all the soot out of the heater flue and chimney, I would check the heater's draft to see if air is coming down the chimney and disrupting the normal exhaust flow. Take the flue pipe loose from the top of the heater, remove the draft diverter and pull the diffuser out of the heater. Use a swab to clean the center flue and then vacuum the soot out of the fire box. also clean the chimney or flue out the roof.

: Our gas water heater was shooting flames out the hole you light the pilot light from. the repair man said it was a disrupted air flow through the flue and the baffles need cleaning. our insurance company says that is regular mainenance and won't cover it. is cleaning the baffles something a homeowner can do? If so, how do I do it?
: Thankyou
: Allyn

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