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Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on October 25, 19100 at 22:12:45:
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Bob: My answer may be one that may noy wish to hear. A "Reasonable Price" will be considerably different depending on who you ask.
In my area the low end rate for Service Plumbers is $60.00 per hour, some of the "Flat Rate" shops are getting considerably more and have an assigned cost for each and every pumbing task.
Using the $60.00 per hour scenario, the Plumber goes to the Plumbees' home to set a toilet with a seal..closet bolts and some grout. The Plumber does his re-set toilet magic in 15 minutes flat. The Plumbee takes note of the elapsed time and extrapolates the charges to himself as $60.00 per hour = $1.00 per minute X 15 minutes = $15.00. To the Plumbee $15.00 seems to be a fair and equitable price for the job...(even though he is making an outrageous $60.00 an hour)
The Plumber as a Contractor must abide by all the rules and requirements that are mandated by the "Laws of the Land" (City..County..State and Federal). These are Liability Insurance..Workers Compensation..FUTA..State Unemployment taxes.. Social Security Taxes..Medicare..Explosion and collapse Insurance (if he does gas repairs)..Automotive Insurance...the cost of purchasing and operating service vehicles (gasoline at $1.54 gal.!) In addition to these expenses, the Plumber may be supplying some sort of Health Insurance..vacation and sick leave..Retirement.. uniforms or schooling for his employees.
The Plumber must bear all these expenses, an add a modest profit if he is to remain in business.
The Plumber would take into consideration that it took his Serviceman 15 or 20 minutes to drive to the Plumbees' address, and likely take as long to get back. Adding the cost of the wax seal ..brass closet bolts and the grout, the Plumber would probably feel that $65.00 would be a very fair pice for the job.
Each has an opinion as to what is a fair price to re-set a toilet...The Plumber has
spent many years in training to become proficient at his trade, he must also be a good businessman and make enough to pay all the hidden costs of doing business or find another line of work........................Bud

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