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Posted by Dean Smith on October 25, 19100 at 16:35:00:
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: I am remodeling a house. It originally had a cast iron tub in it. I thought I wanted to put anohter one back in it. But then I came across Americast. What is the difference between the two? And what is Americast made out of?
: Thanks,
: Spence

Americast is porcelein on steel with a thick, sprayed on acrylic/composite backing. Unlike other enamel-on-steel tubs, these do not "sound" cheap & tinny when you rap on them-they sound just like cast iron. The backing also acts as an insulator that keeps the water hot longer than cast iron, which draws heat from the water (the iron is cold). The biggest difference, and of EXTREME importance if you're installing it yourself, is that the Americast tub weighs about 110 lbs. vs. 350 lbs. for cast iron! I recently installed an Americast tub & I think it's great. Good luck!

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