Installing New Pressure Tank
Posted by Phil on October 25, 19100 at 14:49:16:
Recently bought a 19-year-old, 2,400 sq. ft. house. It has a well system with a 16-gallon pressure tank. My knowledge of plumbing and wells when I bought the house was zilch (I still know next-to-nothing, but given six months, a DIY book, lots of reading in forums like this, and a large box of band-aids, I can usually muddle through one project at a time). Anyway, I've learned that a 16-gallon tank is way too small for my house (tough on the pump?), and want to buy a larger one at the local home-improvement place and install it myself. This would be a pre-charged, bladder-type. Can someone tell me if this is a fairly straight-forward job, or is there a hidden minefield somewhere in there? Also, should I replace the pressure switch at the same time? Everything's working, but old. Thanks for your help (and thanks to the professionals who are willing to share a little of what they know!)

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