Moen Cartridges & Reduced Hot Water Flow
Posted by Dean Smith on October 25, 19100 at 13:52:42:
I'm experiencing a problem in my current home that is eerily similar to one that occurred many years ago at my mom's house. Both involved Moen single handle/single cartridge tub/shower valves. Mom's was definitely NOT pressure balanced while I don't believe my current home's is either.

The problem is is that over the course of time, you have to keep adjusting the valve more & more to the HOT side in order to achieve the desired shower temperature. Water pressure was NOT affected either time. At mom's house, hot water eventually became unavailable until I inadvertantly made a big mistake that cleared it up! I figured it needed a new cartridge, so I replaced it. It cleared up for a while, but within a few weeks it was back. Once again, I go to remove the retaining clip & cartridge, but I apparantly forgot to turn off the water, and the cartridge shot across the tub like a bullet into the tile wall, where it luckily didn't damage the tile (or my narrowly-missed head!). After I scrambled to turn off the water & stop the deluge, I reassembled everthing & the problem never happened again.
I am now experiencing the same loss of hot water, and I am wondering if this is a common problem associated with Moen tub valves? Our hot water temperature is the same as always, so that's not it. No other faucet in the house is affected either. If it is a sediment problem (I need to do a drain & flush of my HWH), why wouldn't I have seen any symptoms anywhere else, and the flow passages in the Moen cartridge seem big enough to pass any sediment, which would then clog the shower head, which is FINE! I'm tempted to re-create my near disaster (without the flying cartridge!), but I thought I'd check first with the experts. Any ideas?

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