Re: Enameled Steel vs. Porcelain Sink (Specifically: Bathroom)
Posted by Gary P. on October 25, 19100 at 11:03:21:
In response to Re: Enameled Steel vs. Porcelain Sink (Specifically: Bathroom)
: : I am building a house and I'd like to know the pros/cons to both enamelled steel and porcelain sinks. Which is more durable? Any bood brands and models? What I have so far:

: : Steel:
: : Cheap
: : May Chip and can rust
: : Generally use that rubber seal around which can catch dirt and be a pain to keep clean.

: : Porcelain:
: : Generally More expensive
: : Can chip, and can even crack if you drop something heavy in it.
: : Generally use silicone to seal around the edges and it looks gross over time.
: : Gary.

: Gary,
: Have you thought of Stainless Steel?

: Lot's of people are using cast iron or Americast sinks for the porcelain style. Skip the porcelain on steel. Terry

Oops! As soon as you mentioned stainless steel, I knew something was up. I was referring to a sink in a *bathroom*. I've seen stainless steel vanity sinks for sale, but I can only imagine something like that being installed in a rest area or a night club. :-)


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