Re: 2PSI 3/8" Copper and Conflicting Estimates
Posted by hj on October 24, 19100 at 23:14:57:
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It depends on the length of the line. I do not have my tables available right now, but you are probably right near the the line's capacity. The core of the matter is whether they are working. There is often a big gap between what works and what theory says you need. If there is a problem then your burners will have a smaller flame when the furnace and oven are operating and the furnace may go out and have to be relit.

: I decided to switch to convert my heat and kitchen appliances from electric to natural gas. The plumber who installed the furnace said that a 2PSI copper line could be split to accomodate the furnace, stove top and oven. The furnace install passed inspection, but with several MAJOR corrections required in the way of adequate ventilation and vent placement. Now, I have other plumbers telling me that the 3/8" copper line cannot possibly furnish the flow rate required by the additional appliances. All I want is a functioning install....HELP...PLEASE. Thanks- Don

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