Septic gas in the house - HELP
Posted by Melissa Casey on October 24, 19100 at 10:02:46:
We recently had a new mound system installed, but continued to have septic odor in the house after showers and laundry. We thought the odor was due to the bad system, but that has been repaired.

A plumber came to the house and noticed we did not have an outside pipe venting the system to the outside. We found the pipe - inches from the roof in the attic - for 19 years, the septic had been venting into the attic! We immediately installed an outdoor pipe, however, we are still having odor in the two bedroom closets which are both against the attic. These are the two areas that were really bad before the outside pipe was installed, and they are better, but we still have odor. HELP! I am concerned about our health.... Melissa

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