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: : The typical way to proceed on these is to X-Ray the slab to find the cables. Terry

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: : : : My husband and I plan to remodel our 25 year old home. We intend to make extensive changes to the kitchen, laundry room, and downstairs bathroom. Neighbors tell me the homes in our tract were built on post-tension slabs and we will not be able to cut into the slab to make the plumbing changes we desire. Is this true?

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: : : That would be very hard to answer without seeing the job. Call the building inspector and they may know your construction. I would be suprised if you where the only one in the area that remodeled you kitchen in the area. General contractors would also beable to help you after inspection.
: : : Good Luck, Joe

: Post tension slabs are an everyday reality in our area (Houston). Terry is correct on the x-ray, but if the changes are near the edge of the slab (as they usually are) you can usually go outside and see the small anchor plates where the tension cables end. They have usually been covered over with some type of patch, but you can still locate them. From the plates the cables goe straight through the slab at right angles to the beam. When you've located the cables in the affected area,instead of cutting a trench and destroying cables and their surrounding concrete mass, you punch through a series of small holes from which you can tunnel under for pipes and whatever.

: John

Joe, Terry & John, thank you all for your quick and informative responses.

John, I have a follow-up question. Since the changes we plan to make will be toward the middle of the slab, I assume the x-ray method will have to be used. Is this something most plumbers are equipped to do? Is it usually prohibitively expensive?

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