Leaking Copper Plumbing
Posted by Robert Daphne on October 22, 19100 at 20:36:00:
Leaking Copper Plumbing

My problem with Mueller Copper Plumbing
I bought my new house in September of 1988. In 1993 I had a leak in the copper plumbing. We had a plumber to come over to fix the leak. A year later we had another leak and two more leaks in 1998 and a major leak in February of 2000. Each time the plumbers told us that the copper pipes were not good and that we would eventually have to replace all of it. The pipes were made by the Mueller Company in Fulton, Mississippi. Each time we complained to the company spokesman, he tried to blame the problem on the city of Daphne(Alabama) water supply. The utilities director informed me that the water has no corrosive chemicals like sulphur which the Mueller spokesman said was in the water supply. In fact, the Utilities Director stated that the Daphne water supply has additives to protect pipes. He went on to say that the Daphne, Alabama water is so soft, that the pipes should be able to withstand the water with no trouble. This situation has been very costly. We have spent over $600 alone this year and have had our insurance canceled because of water damage claims. It is very hard for us to get reasonable homeowners insurance because of this problem. We have tried to get Mueller to replace this plumbing but the company is vurrently ignoring us. The company did tell us that they have had to pay some people for bad copper plumbing but are being reluctant to take care of our problem. Meanwhile, we are playing a waiting game for more leaks. Some of these pipes run through our concrete foundation. this is a very serious situation.
Rob Daphne, Alabama


Company Contact Information: Edd Finley
Metallurgical Engineer
601-862-2181 Mueller Copper Tube Company
P.O. Drawer 849
Fulton, MS 38843

E-mail: efinley@muellerindustries.com
I received a letter from the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi dated July 26, 2000. They were informing me that the Mueller Copper Tube Company is refusing to respond to them concerning my problem with their copper plumbing. I feel that a professional company would at least respond to the BBB if they thought they were right. The BBB stated in the letter that they were closing the complaint as "DISSATISFIED" because Mueller thinks that they don't have to answer to their leaking copper pipes. I welcome any leads and or comments that will help me resolve this issue.
Robert rlwright@zebra.net

Robert L. Wright rlwright@zebra.net 07/30/00

Lead: No response from Mueller
Lead Email: rlwright@zebra.net

On today, August 1, 2000 I cone home from work and my wife meets me at the door to inform me that we have another leak in the copper plumbing made by Mueller. This one looks very expensive too because it runs from the upstairs bathroom to the downstairs bathroom. Lots of sheetrock will have to be torn out of the walls. What a coinsidence, my new homeowners insurance policy with the new company takes effect today. Problem is that I am afraid to use it because the leaking Mueller pipes caused my homeowners insurance with another company to be canceled. Because of Mueller, I have a bad claims history. The plumber says that this job could be a five to eight hour job at around $60 an hour. This plumbing is distroying my house as well as my bank account. Looks like I can forget about another summer vacation.
Robert Wright Daphne, Alabama

Robert L. Wright rlwright@zebra.net 08/01/00

Lead: Another expensive leak
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On yesterday, August 4th I received a fax from James Browne. Not the Godfather of soul, but Mueller's Assistant General Counsel. I guess Edd Finley had Mr. Browne contact me as an act of intimidation. Mr. Browne went on to give me the same old story about my plumbing leaks being the fault of the City if Daphne (Alabama) water supply and not the fault of Mueller. They still have not explained why they would not respond to the Better Business Bureau. I guess they will continue to weasel out of this situation. Hope they realize that I am not intimadited. If you have any leads or comments, please pass them on.
Robert Daphne, Alabama rlwright@zebra.net

Robert rlwright@zebra.net 08/05/00

Lead: Fax from Mueller's Attorney
Lead Email: rlwright@zebra.net

On last Friday, August 18th we received our long awaited plumbing bill for the repair of the latest Mueller copper pipe leaks. The bill was for $336.15. Let me note that this is for the pipe repair only. This does not include the cost to repair my walls and ceiling or my expensive bathroom cabinets. All of which had to be cut open.
On today,Monday August 21,2000 I picked up the water analysis on my pipes done by the City of Daphne. To no suprise, there was no mention of sulphur or other corrosive elements that were in the analysis done by Mueller. As a Matter of fact, the latgest element in the analysis done by the city was the copper compound itself. So, I am sending Better Business Bureau of Mississippi & Mueller a copy of this report. Also, for some strange reason, my site keep getting removed from the internet. I wonder who keeps doing that. I would guess they are in Fulton, Mississippi. I wish you guys (Mueller) would admit to the truth and stop trying to cover it up.

Robert L. Wright rlwright@zebra.net 08/21/00

Lead: Analysis from Daphne Utilities
Lead Email: rlwright@zebra.net

It's Sunday September 9th, 2000. a few weeks ago, I finally received the water analysis on the same section of copper plumbing I gave Mueller,done by the City of Daphne. The city's analysis did not contain sulphur or any other corrosive element. Only copper compound. This disputes Mueller's analysis. Now Mueller is crying to the Better Business Bureau and wants the "dissatisfied" letter pulled from their file from when they were not responding to the BBB's questions. I am going to do all I can to make sure that letter stays in their file. They are also riding their attorney's coat tail now also for some strange reason. All the letters I receive now are from ther attorney James E. Browne. Mr. Browne now also wants to go to binding arbitration with the BBB and had a new person I never heard of to call me from the BBB office trying to convince me. This doesn't sound quite right.
Robert Wright rlwright@zebra.net 09/10/00

Lead: City's analysis disputes Mueller
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It is Wednesday September 27th ,2000. I received a letter from the regional EPA office in Atlanta. They mentioned that sulphur is not a element that is regulated by the EPA and chlorine is the widest form of disinfection used in drinking water across the country. They also confirmed that the city of Daphne's drinking water passes all EPA regulations. Sounds like Mueller gave me an incorrect analysis to cover their behinds.
Robert Wright rlwright@zebra.net 09/27/00

Lead: Received letter from the EPA
Lead Email: rlwright@zebra.net

Today is Sunday,October 22, 2000. I have not had an enjoyable weekend because my wife and I have been doing extensive ceiling repair from the cuts the plumbers had to make last Monday to repair another expensive leak in this Mueller copper plumbing which ren to the upstairs bathroom. Last weekend, we happened to notice that the ceiling had a wet spot. It turned out to be a pinhole leak in the Mueller Copper Plumbing. The Leak cost $137.00 to fix but we had to spend more of our money to buy materals to fix the holes in the ceiling the plumbers had to cut. We have to make an effort to fix it ourselves because this Leaking Copper plumbing is costing us a fortune. Now we sit back and wait for the next big leak. Hope it is not very soon.
Robert Daphne ,Alabama

Robert L. Wright rlwright@zebra.net 10/22/00

Lead: Another Leak
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