Re: Garbage Disposal Problem
Posted by Joe Colburn on October 22, 19100 at 18:30:24:
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: I have a garage disposal that has me completely clueless. If I turn on the motor, it runs accordingly and
: spins the water, yet does not expel the waste and water. I've used the allen wrench and there never
: was a jam in the mechanism; it rotates freely. I've actually cleaned everything out of the disposal but as
: soon as I run water through it again, it clogs up. Any ideas as to my next course of action?

The problem is with the drain not the disposal. Take the drain line off the side and remove the trap you will most likely find the problem. You need to be careful about the stuff put in the disposal. I tell HO.'s that if you throw the stuff on the wall,would it stick? If it will then don't put it in there. My wife once put boiled potatoes in the disposal. That was the biggest mess I ever had to clean out. Stuck to drain lines for about 15' and snake doesn't help in the cleanup.
Good Luck, Joe

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