Minor non-drain crack in fiberglass tub
Posted by Neal Miller on October 22, 19100 at 13:45:48:
We have a brand-new fiberglass tub (less than two months old). My wife recently noticed a small hairline crack on the wall of the module. If you're standing in the tub, facing the wall with the shower nozzle, it's in the corner in front of you, on the right.

Normally, I'd insist on a free-fix, however:

1) The contractor is a friend of ours. :)
2) The crack is located almost two feet above the rim of the tub, so it will never be submerged.
3) The crack is only a half-inch in length
4) Since the crack is on the same side as the nozzle, it's impossible to point the nozzle at the crack, minimizing the direct exposure to water.
5) Since the crack is over three feet from the floor of the tub, it isn't subject to flexing due to the weight of bathtub occupants.

I'd like to know:

1) Under normal shower/tub use, is this crack likely to get worse?
2) Regardless of the answer to #1, is there any quick-fix I can do? I'm envisioning myself dabbing some transparent superglue-like chemical that will bond to the fiberglass surface.


- Neal

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