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Posted by Neal Miller on October 22, 19100 at 13:30:44:
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Thanks for the info... I think that as long as the shower is draining properly, and the noise isn't indicitive of a worsening problem, I can live with the noise :)


: Depending on where the shower is in relation to the toilet, it may not have its own vent, but in that case a plugged vent would cause the trap to glug every time the toilet was flushed. It is also possible that the installer did not have the trap in the right location and rather than dig deeply to move it, usd two elbows to raise the lateral pipe higher and then installed the trap, effectively creating an "S" trap which will always glug and is also not feasible to repair. What is the plumber going to do for his $450? And does he guarantee it will work? There is no real downside to your problem as long as the shower is used periodically and you do not mind the glug.

: : Useful information, and thanks for the diagram. The next question is "is it worth fixing?" The $450 rough estimate is rather steep, and I can live with the two-minutes of noise. What is the downside to not addressing this particular venting problem? It does not seem to be an issue elsewhere in the house.

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: : : Neal,
: : : It does sound like a venting problem. I don't know whether it could be fixed from the roof or not. You may not even have a vent attached to the drain. The glug-glug sounds like water siphoning out of the trap. Terry

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