Re: how can I build a (tile only) bathing area?
Posted by John Bridge on October 22, 19100 at 12:52:59:
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We used to build a lot of sunken tubs in the Phoenix area 20 to 30 years ago. Generally, a hole was blocked out and formed when the slab was poured. Tile setters took it from there. These tubs contained no waterproofing, though, and I would not recommend the method today.

Building a tile tub above grade is extremely difficult, inasmuch as the entire structure must be permanently waterproofed. This is done using a membrane such as a shower pan liner, or you can use an applied product such as the ones manufacture by Laticrete and others.

I would prefer masonry construction, but strongly built wood frame walls will also work. The insides and the top must be absolutely waterproofed. If using the shower pan liner, it is draped in and folded in the corners (it can't be cut, and you can't drive fasteners through it). Metal lath or chicken wire would then be attaced at the tops of the walls only and draped into the basin, bent over the floor, etc.

Then the whole inside is floated with cement mortar, and the tiles are attached to the mortar with thin set.

I hope I have discouraged you, quite frankly, because this is a project that would make a lot of pros sit back and wonder about their competency.



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