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Posted by Joe Colburn on October 21, 19100 at 19:34:36:
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: I want to replace my existing electric cook top with a gas cooktop. I currently have two gas hot water heaters a gas dryer and a gas heater in the house. The supply line up to the gas heater is 3/4" a tee/adaptor was then installed that necks down to 1/2" to supply the heater and a gas dryer. I would like to add the new supply for the cooktop at the point were the heater is connected. From this point (1/2" pipe) I only need to run a few feet in the attick and then I can drop down about 6-7 feet to supply the cook top. The cook top is rated at 33,000 BTUs and the heater is rated at 180,000 BTU's. My question is this, will newly created 1/2" pipe section be able to supply both the cook top and the heater?

Sorry gas pipe cannot be sized by the information you supplied. You must measure the pipe distance. You first measure the longest run from the meter. You must be pretty accurate. Then total all the input btus on all the equipment. Then you have to use a chart that has the correct specific gravity of your gas to size the main line. You then must size each run from the meter to each appliance according to the distance and the chart to find the correct pipe size for each unit. This is fairly easy to do but usually not a homeowner job because of the charts and information needed. It is very possible that the main gas line may need to be larger to add the cook top.

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