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Posted by Joe Colburn on October 21, 19100 at 19:21:52:
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: Our kitchen has a gas line that runs right under the location of the stove, but it does not pertrude the floor. How much would it cost (approx) to have a plumber connect the line to our stove? What is needed?

That would be very hard to tell you a price. The line under the floor would need to be the correct size to handle the added load. A stove is usually figured at 50,000 Btus and can easily be over the load the line could handle. The gas system has to be checked and sized before a price could be given. If the line is the correct size then you have to figure the amount of time reqiured to disassemble the gas line back to the closest union which maybe at the meter or the furnace. The tee needs to be installed and the line reasssembled and tested for leaks. This could take a few hours and may cost 200 to 300.

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