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Posted by Joe Colburn on October 21, 19100 at 19:13:54:
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: I recently installed a new plumbing system in my small cabin. The water pressure seems less than it was.
: I have a well with a pump and a pressure tank. Can I adjust the pressure with the pressure gauge? If so,
: how? Thank you for your time. Jim Hesser

Yes it can be adjusted. There is a pressure switch on the tank tee if the cover is removed with the power off - 220 volts and will bite - you will find two springs with nuts on top. One spring is larger than the other one. I can never remember which is which. One will adjust the differential and the other will adjust the cut-off. The cut-off is the one to adjust to a higher pressure by turning the nut tighter. I think it is the smaller spring. The other one adjusts the spread. By adjusting this one you will change from the standard of 20 psi to say 15 or 25. Do not set the pressure over 80 psi. cut-off and if the differential was 20 psi the pump would turn on at 60 psi and shut-off at 80 psi. This would be a good pressure to set. I also like high pressure and set mine to this. You can buy switches of different ratings 20-50, 40-60 you probably have one set for 20-50. Very low pressure.

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