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Posted by Joe Colburn on October 21, 19100 at 18:59:18:
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: We moved into a new house 7 months ago with a 75 gallon gas water heater. The house is also equipped with a hot water heating system. For the past few weeks our hot water has been running out. The plumber came out yesterday and said the mixing valve in the washing machine is causing this problem. He turned off the hot water valve to the machine and said that should take care of the problem temporarily until the washing machine valve is replaced. Have you ever heard of such a thing? If not, what else could be the problem? (The water heater seems to be fine)

You may have a waterheater that the dip tube for the tank fell off. When this happens your waterheater output is dramatically reduced. The diptube is a plastic tube that is inserted in the tank on the cold water side and sends the water to the bottom of the tank. If it falls off the cold water mixs in the top of the tank.

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