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Posted by Joe Colburn on October 21, 19100 at 18:46:15:
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: Thanks for the response, Joe. Is it just a matter of tightening up the joints on the taps? Or do I need to remove, clean, reseat, etc? The plumber also put some inline valves so I can isolate the sink. Do you think these might be the culprits? What I find puzzling is that there is no problem until the central heating has been on for a while (or the hot water has been run for a while). The central heating/hot water system is a combination type boiler (120,000
: btu) and the water can seriously hot.

: Your other idea about the clamped hot water pipe is interesting. The sound I'm getting is more like a loud very rapid vibration. Would that be a sympton of what your describing?

: Thanks,

: Mike

Is this a tankless coil in the boiler itself? If this is the case there maybe another problem. The boiler temperature maybe set too high. 180�F would be the max. temp. I would suggest. The coil may also be liming up and casing the banging noise. Is your water pressure much lower on the hot than the cold? If it is it maybe lime. This is cleaned with muratic acid and a pump. NOT A HOMEOWNER JOB!!! GET A PRO!!! If the seats in faucet are the problem you will need to remove the handle and stem of the faucet the use a seat wrench to tighten the seat. You can buy a seat wrench for about 5.00 at any hardware store. Also make sure the washers are tight on the bottom of the stem. Turn the water to house off first.
Good Luck, Joe

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