Re: Grab bar and fiberglass shower
Posted by John Bridge on October 20, 19100 at 21:48:28:
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Hi Cindy,

I'm afraid you're going to have to drill holes. The safety bars that I'm familiar with (I install them free of charge for old folks and invalids) come with "toggle bolts" and screw anchors. In your fiberglass shower, you'll use the toggle bolts.

Follow the directions and drill the holes. The toggle bolts will draw up against the back side of the fiberglass unit.

You can determine where to drill the holes by holding the bar up against the wall (you may need a helper to steady it) and marking the hole locations with a pencil. Set the bar aside and "nick" the hole locations by tapping a nail against them with a hammer. This little dent will keep the drill in place when you make the holes. You make the holes with an electric drill.

Seems I'm really getting basic here. Email me if you need more help. Go to my site and hit an "email john" button. I'll be watching for you.


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