Re: durock vs wonderboard
Posted by John Bridge on October 20, 19100 at 21:35:04:
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Hey Dean,

I confirm what you've already surmised about the difference between Durock and WonderBoard. There is none. Either product is okay for walls, but as far as I'm concerned, neither is a good idea for floors. They do practically nothing to increase rigidity in the subfloor, which is the largest consideration in tiling over wood framed floors. Deflection destroys grout joints, and there's really no cure when that happens.

Denshield (I'm not even sure I spelled it correctly) was worthless when it hit the street (I hope they sue me). It's not much of an improvement over placing tiles directly over green sheetrock, which has been a consumer rip-off for decades now. One of the suppliers around here still has a stack in the warehouse. It's used as a bench for guys sitting around waiting for their orders to be filled.

You did not mention what is perhaps the best backer board product available in the States as we speak: Hardi-backer by the James Hardie Company. It's available in both 1/4 in. and 1/2 in. thicknesses. It is an excellent product. If you can't do mud over metal lath, Hardi-backer is the way to go.


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