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Posted by John Bridge on October 20, 19100 at 21:14:02:
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Well, I'm not a licensed plumber, but when you talk about ceramic tile showers, you talk my language.

I sounds to me like the shower pan was not properly sloped toward the drain when it was installed. This is a common malady is today's fast paced housing market.

That the mortar below the tile was found to be saturated with water is normal. No ceramic tile shower floor is water-tight. That's why the pan is necessary. We know the floor is going to leak -- guarantee it, as a matter of fact.

When you use the shower, you exchange the water ever-present in the pan by forcing the old water through the weep holes, and this is how the thing works day after day. If for some reason the old water cannot make it through the weep holes and down the drain pipe, it become brackish and putrid. The odor comes up through the tile floor.

The solution (I know I'm long-winded) is to float a sloping mud bed (toward the drain flange) onto the subfloor before the new pan is installed. This will ensure that all water is channeled into the weep holes and subsequently down the drain pipe. Water will not move across a level floor fast enough to preclude the problem. Put a slope on it!

A short article on shower pans may be found at my site, which I will list below.


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