Re: Air in Pipes Affecting Toilet
Posted by dick on October 19, 19100 at 00:07:46:
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: Our water was turned off for a short time and when turned back on everything was fine except the toilet sounds like it has air coming from it as the tnak/bowl are filling up. This has also slowed thne refill time. How can this be fixed? Everything else seems fine. No air seems to be trapped coming out of any other faucet.

Air should be gone after 6-8 flushes. however the air may have knocked loose enough crud to plug your fillup valve or the supply valve. if it is still slow filling, clean or replace the fillup valve first. if that doesn't cure it, turn off the water, clean or replace the supply vave, turn the water back on, go thru the whole air in the pipes/crud knoked off and pugging stuff routine again!:-)

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