Supply pipe replacement question: copper vs plastic
Posted by mike on October 18, 19100 at 22:56:33:
Hi -

I need to replace the galvanized supply pipe running underground from the street to my house. My plumber has recommended replacing it with a 1" plastic pipe. (I don't remember what variety of plastic pipe he is recommending). His stated reason for recommending the non-copper pipe is that he says he has found it to be less problematic (kinks, pinches, etc.) than copper pipe, and he also says that water flows better through the non-copper pipe. He plans to replace the pipe without digging by pulling it into place while pulling out the old pipe.

I am concerned about using non-copper pipe due to the question of longevity, and the need to re-ground the electrical system. Based on comments I have already read in the forum, I am expecting the recommendation on this board to be to go with copper. Is there a good website or book that discusses the pros and cons of copper vs non-copper pipe?

If it matters, the home is in Northern New Jersey.

Thanks very much!

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