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Posted by hj on October 17, 19100 at 22:44:11:
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I assume you mean this is a mono-flo type system. If so, the the tees off the main have scoops to divert a portion of the water to the loop and then bring it back at the return point. If you just installed tees to pipe the new loop, there is nothing to force the water through that loop so the water will flow which ever way is the easiest. In addition, since there is no way to increase the amount of water being diverted, there is probably not enough hot water to heat both the new loop and the old one.

: I recently "T"d a monologue hot water system, with one thermostat underneath my home. The original feed T's off one Line feeds 3 downstairs radiators and returns through a T to the existing return from the upstairs before the circulator. The new line off the original feed line T's and feeds 4 radiators upstairs and returns T'd with the downstairs return before circulator.

: Two radiators in the system are not getting hot water.
: Downstairs its the second of the 3. when blead at the return side cold water comes out and eventually it gets hot, but the flow does not continue it returns to cold when the bleader is closed.
: Upstairs it is the last of the four radiators that does not heat up.

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