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: I am going to be moving the kitchen sink so that it is under the window. The kitchen is very small- 10' by 10' and badly laid out. almost no counter or cupboard spaces. I am also going to be installing a dishwasher. what plumbing issues should i be aware of / watch out for? I have asked 3 different contractors, and all give a different story!
: Also- I have one wall that I wanted to put a sort of window into, so that the counter top could be used to eat on and then the window would open into the living room . I would put in shutters to close off the kitchen when wanted. However, this wall has the heating pipes going through them. I have been told , again, conflicting information. Yes, they can be re-routed.No, they cannot etc. Is it possible or even wise to try to re-route these pipes? I live in a 3 bedroom townhouse, so they there is limited space.
: Thank you for any information you can give to me.

First you should create a planned drawing of what is existing. Then you should add a tracing paper page to see through and draw what you intend to do. Then you should add a tracing paper drawing of what utilities and services are in the way. The designers probably created the small kitchen design to allow themselves the opportunity to build the townhouse economically. When you move the kitchen sink under the window, you lenghthen the drain from the sink to the dwv (drain waste vent) sewer stack. It can be done but you need to be aware of some sacrifices. When you add the dishwasher, it needs a drain into the same drain line that the sink uses, but can possibly drain into the vacated area where you moved the sink from. It is also possible to reroute the heating ducts, and could be a very lucrative job for a remodelling contractor. Anything can be done for a price, so the estimators that say it can't be done are actually telling you that they don't want to do the work for you.Get estimates for your plans from LICENSED contractors. Have a Good time with your remodel.

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