gas line size
Posted by David on October 17, 19100 at 19:14:24:
I want to replace my existing electric cook top with a gas cooktop. I currently have two gas hot water heaters a gas dryer and a gas heater in the house. The supply line up to the gas heater is 3/4" a tee/adaptor was then installed that necks down to 1/2" to supply the heater and a gas dryer. I would like to add the new supply for the cooktop at the point were the heater is connected. From this point (1/2" pipe) I only need to run a few feet in the attick and then I can drop down about 6-7 feet to supply the cook top. The cook top is rated at 33,000 BTUs and the heater is rated at 180,000 BTU's. My question is this, will newly created 1/2" pipe section be able to supply both the cook top and the heater?

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