kitchen remodeling
Posted by Emm on October 17, 19100 at 02:10:11:
I am going to be moving the kitchen sink so that it is under the window. The kitchen is very small- 10' by 10' and badly laid out. almost no counter or cupboard spaces. I am also going to be installing a dishwasher. what plumbing issues should i be aware of / watch out for? I have asked 3 different contractors, and all give a different story!
Also- I have one wall that I wanted to put a sort of window into, so that the counter top could be used to eat on and then the window would open into the living room . I would put in shutters to close off the kitchen when wanted. However, this wall has the heating pipes going through them. I have been told , again, conflicting information. Yes, they can be re-routed.No, they cannot etc. Is it possible or even wise to try to re-route these pipes? I live in a 3 bedroom townhouse, so they there is limited space.
Thank you for any information you can give to me.

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