Remodel problems
Posted by Bill on October 16, 19100 at 11:06:05:

First of all, great board - lots of good info.

My problem - we had some remodeling done on our kitchen where the contractor had to put in a new vent pipe. He installed an all-in-one plastic (or rubber) vent sleeve/flashing on the roof. The problem is, we have a flat roof (tar and gravel) and the vent flashing was never fully sealed, so water came in and caused damage to the kitchen ceiling. Upon closer inspection of the flashing, I actually could find gaps between the flashing and the roof which I have sealed now with roofing tar - had too, more rain forecast. I think that a sheet of new roofing material should have been placed _over_ the flashing to create a better seal - all of the other vent flashings on our roof are covered with roofing material.

The contractor says that the problem is my flat roof and I need a new roof (it's only 3.5 years old!).

Any opinions?

Thanks again.

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