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Posted by hj on October 14, 19100 at 18:47:05:
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I would guess you have the beginnings of a sewer stoppage. The original wax ring was not sealing so it allowed the leak, but it also permitted air to enter the drain pipe and break the suction that would have drawn the water out of the bowl. Now that you have a good seal the syphon is working and that is why the water is disappearing. Have a plumber check the sewer.

: Good morning, I have a Kohler toilet and have recently replaced the wax seal because of a leak. When I reinstalled the toilet, it flushes great and no problems. The only difference now is that after flushing the toilet, the toilet bowl does not fill halfway with water like it did before. the water drains out to the bottom of the bowl. Any adive on how to fix this problem.

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