Needing advice...
Posted by Belinda on October 13, 19100 at 09:40:53:
I am in the process of having my bedrooms built on to. I have had a contractor doing the work. I have extended my bedroom and my children's bedrooms out....making them larger. I have extended my bedroom (which is on the end of the house) out 10 was a 12 x 12 bedroom. Hopeing to make it a 12 x 22. I have been told by this contractor that he can't take all of the wall down(the wall between the existing bedroom and the new addition) that he must leave a foot of the wall on both sides and that I will have a beam comming down from the ceiling of about 6 inches where the room and the new addition meet. He says we need that for support. I was really hopeing to open this up completely...making this one large bedroom. Could you please tell me....Is this possible????
Thank you so much!

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