Watts piloted prv model PV 10 size 6 serial # G11x3FOL
Posted by Jo-Ann Asbury on October 09, 1998 at 11:13:06:
Hi. I was attracted her by the Watts prv but ours is on a community system 4" line. It is a 3" valve and on the print reduces from 100psi to 30psi. It leaked int he pilot valve and we had a plumber replace the copper tubes. Since then, at times, it seems to be not allowing water through. Do you have a print on this by chance? Can you answer one theory, will the valve not allow water through if the in pressure is less than 100psi? Could that be the problem? We are a non profit community system in Oregon and are trying to figure out whether to replace it ($775.) or if it could be operating correctly and we just never noticed because we had no residents directly above and below it as we do now. We are an acreage property that is very hilly. It is all downhill fromt he tank to the prv. No pumps. Any info would help. Thanks, JA

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