Choosing water heater: gas vs electric
Posted by D Hjort on October 08, 1998 at 23:11:19:
Our gas water heater is 12 years old and leaking. We need a new one, and are trying decide
if we should switch to electric. Our electric utility is offering a FREE electric water heater (105
gallons) for switching. You have to agree to be on the meter program (it heats at night only) and pay
installation costs. They guarantee you won't run out of hot water. The meter program saves you about 60% on electric bills -
reducing the cost to 3.4 cents per KWH. Gas costs us about 46 cents per therm. I'd like advice on
which to choose.
Installation of the electric would be difficult, but the electric utility has contractors that charge about
$500 for the complete install. A Gas heater (we'd need a 50 or 60 gallon) would cost about $300
plus about $200 for installation. It seems to be a wash on up front costs. I can't tell on the ongoing,
although the electric utility says there is no difference.
Any advice?

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