Re: Pipe hammering...
Posted by MikeC on October 12, 19100 at 05:28:25:
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Thanks for the response, Joe. Is it just a matter of tightening up the joints on the taps? Or do I need to remove, clean, reseat, etc? The plumber also put some inline valves so I can isolate the sink. Do you think these might be the culprits? What I find puzzling is that there is no problem until the central heating has been on for a while (or the hot water has been run for a while). The central heating/hot water system is a combination type boiler (120,000
btu) and the water can seriously hot.

Your other idea about the clamped hot water pipe is interesting. The sound I'm getting is more like a loud very rapid vibration. Would that be a sympton of what your describing?



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