Re: Dissassembling poured-lead sewer hub connection?
Posted by hj on October 12, 19100 at 00:58:19:
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If you have a PVC into cast-iron with a lead joint, you do not have a "classic" joint, you have an abortion. If the lead were at the proper temperature when the connection was made, it should have melted the PVC, and in the process of calking it down, the PVC would have indented rather than the lead expanding to seal properly. Cut the cast iron and use a no-hub or Fernco coupling depending on whether it is above or below grade.
: Hi all,
: I have a poured lead (the "classic" lead-oakum seal)
: sewer-to-drain hub connection (cast iron hub to PVC)
: that I need to disconnect; is it possible to
: dissassemble these joints? (I've never had the pleasure
: of working with this style coupling before!)

: You might ask why not just cut the PVC pipe, and use
: a no-hub coupling, etc, there. Well, all the PVC coming
: off this sewer line is back-to-back couplings, wye's,
: bends, etc, etc, etc. Simply no straight section
: anywhere remotely close to the sewer line, and these
: wye's and bends themselves need to be re-thought for
: the remodel....

: Thanks in advance for any help!
: -frank

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