Re: waterline materials
Posted by Joe Colburn on October 11, 19100 at 23:41:13:
In response to Re: waterline materials
: If cost is not a major consideration for new construction in an area with city water, what are the two
: optimum materials for hot and cold water lines inside the house? What would the pro's and con's be
: for the two best choices. I have reviewed the plumbing materials on the Love web site but I cannot find a
: comparison chart or review like you have for toilets.

I still feel that copper is the best for water if installed correctly. The pipes are reamed, soldered with 95/5, cleaned and fluxed, joints wiped, sized correctly to reduce velocity, dialectric nipples on waterheater, and the electric is grounded correctly at water line entrance. These are the steps to a quiet trouble free water system.
The other material in common use is CPVC. It is easily installed, quiet in operation, will last for years. it also must be installed properly and must be clamped at close intervals to prevent sagging. The draw backs are that plastic can be cracked or broken. This can happen if there is water hammering. I am leary of plastic piping after all the trouble that happened with Shell and the polybutelene piping that they are now replacing due to class action suits for leaking and major water damage. Copper has been around for many trouble free years.

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