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Posted by Joe Colburn on October 11, 19100 at 23:23:31:
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: My problem is this. We've recently had a plumber fit a new bath and sink. He used most of the old pipework but had to replace some with new. What's happening now is that after the central heating has been on or after running the hot water for a while (eg. running a bath), when I come to turn the sink tap on I get a large hammering noise from somewhere. This only occurs when the flow rate is lower and it disappears when the tap is turned on fully. The noise is like a pipe banging on the floor boards combined with a large vibration. Any ideas? Do you need more info from me?

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: Mike

Pipe hammering can be cause by a few things but here are some of the common ones. The most common is that there is a seat in one of your faucets that is worn or loose. Check you faucets that have seats and use a seat wrench to see if they are tight. You may have a hotwater pipe that is clamped too tight and expanding which can cause a rapping sound that is carrier through the floor joists. if the expanding pipe is tight to a corner and has no place to move it can bow the pipe which can cause a large bang.
Check those things to see if they may be the problem. I would go with the seats.


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