Re: Dissassembling poured-lead sewer hub connection?
Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing on October 11, 19100 at 22:44:26:
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Frankied: Cut the PVC off close to the bell of the Cast Iron. Take an electric drill with a 1/4"-
5/16" bit and drill down into the lead caulking along side the PVC. With a little wiggle action you shouuld be able to eat a hole in the PVC and the lead simutaneously. You should do this at two point 180 degrees apart. Put a rag in the pipe so you don't lose the pieces and use a large screw driver to coax the PVC..Lead and old oakum from
the Cast iron hub.
You can connect your new PVC to the Cast Iron by using a Multi-tite type gasket in the hub, and simply pushing your new PVC into it(CHAMFER THE EDGES ON THE PVC FIRST) put a little soap on the PVC before pushing it home.
Lots of Luck...Bud

: I have a poured lead (the "classic" lead-oakum seal)
: sewer-to-drain hub connection (cast iron hub to PVC)
: that I need to disconnect; is it possible to
: dissassemble these joints? (I've never had the pleasure
: of working with this style coupling before!)

: You might ask why not just cut the PVC pipe, and use
: a no-hub coupling, etc, there. Well, all the PVC coming
: off this sewer line is back-to-back couplings, wye's,
: bends, etc, etc, etc. Simply no straight section
: anywhere remotely close to the sewer line, and these
: wye's and bends themselves need to be re-thought for
: the remodel....

: Thanks in advance for any help!
: -frank

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