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Posted by dick on October 11, 19100 at 21:04:27:
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: I noticed the "hot" blue pvc cement I used for cementing cpvc fittings does not speicifcally allow nor prohibit it's use on cpvc pipes (the label says "for use on all PVC products", which may or may not mean including cpvc; probably not though).

: Bottom line, if I previously used this glue to make some cpvc connections, should I be concerned ? (yes, purple primer was used first) Would a plumbing inspection/inspector likely pay attention to the color of cement used?

: Have any tests/studies determined the long term effects of using pvc glue on cpvc pipe?

I wouldn't worry too much about the inspector. It's pretty tough too keep up with different materials and manufacturers and the color is just a particular manufacturers preference. not an industry standard. Just don't get talkative and tell him you used the wrong stuff.

I would take some of this glue and try it on some scrap cpvc and fittings. It should imediately soften the surface of the pipe or fitting so that you can scrape off almost 1/16 of material after 30-40 sec. Then glue some pipe and fittings together and let them sit overnight. then try to get them apart.

if everything seems ok, then i think your safe. This type of glue works by dissolving the pipe surfaces with solvent and mixing it with polymers already dissolved in the glue. it pretty much "welds" the two pieces together rather than sticking them together. The solvent is gone after a day or two. A long term reaction between the cpvc and the polymers in the glue is not likely. The polymers in the glue are there mostly to thicken the glue and there is not enough to affect the joint strength much.

Some manufacturers have been known to market the same stuff in different colors with different labels (and different prices) for different purposes. People might be willing to pay a lot more for super duty CPVC cement to prevent a leak inside the house than they would for PVC cement for there sprinkler system where minor leaks generaly don't matter much. I don't know if thats the case with cpvc glue, but it could be.

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