HELP: wobbly kitchen faucet installation
Posted by Nils on October 11, 19100 at 15:26:51:
Hi, I'm a total novice and replaced my kitchen faucet with a Moen traditional 2-handle faucet. It came with a gasket to fit under the base so I wouldn't need plumber's putty. The installation wernt fine and it works, with no leaks. However, the faucet is a bit wobbly on the sink. It's not really noticeable unless you try & move it around, but it's a bit disconcerting since every other sink in the house (which I DIDN'T install) is immobile.

Is this because of the gasket? Or did I do something wrong? Should I have MORE firmly tightened the plastic jamb nuts (which hold it in place under tthe sink, and which the instructions said only needed hand-tightening, and caution against OVER-tightening)? Maybe I didn't fit the gasket under the base properly? It seems like it should be leaking if it's a loose seal...

Please respond privately or publicly ASAP, it's driving me NUTS...


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