Re: Corian vs. cultured marble
Posted by dick on October 11, 19100 at 09:19:35:
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: I have some pieces of window sill taken out of a remodel. I want to put them in my basement windows. How do I tell the difference between Corian and Cultured marble? Should I use a wet tile saw to cut this stuff?

the bottom side and cut edges of cultured marble are generaly very rough and look a lot different than the smooth top surface. I just cut some sink holes with a carbide grit saber saw blade. cut very easily and quickly.

There may be different types/grades/brands of cultured marble. John said you need a diamond blade? that certainly would have been overkill on the stuff I cut.

I have not tried to cut it with a circular saw. That might be a problem. not that it would hurt a carbide tipped blade (at least the stuff I cut), but the marble may chip and leave a ragged edge

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