Re: Low water surface in toilet
Posted by Doug on October 10, 19100 at 23:39:34:
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: : I just replaced my toilet, and the water surface is just above the entrance of the trapway. I wanted to see if it was a tank problem or a bowl problem, so I tried to fill the bowl slowly with water. The more I poured, the more it emptied. I called Eljer and they said it was the wax ring. I used an extra thick gasket with a urethane foam core. Could that cause a problem?

: does it flush properly?

: how old was the old toilet?

: most of the new toilets are low consumption toilets
: they are designed to work with less water.
: wad up some toilet paper, then flush it. if it does not
: go down then adjust the water level in the tank.

: if it does not leak then the wax ring may not be the problem.

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