Replacing water supply line
Posted by Ardner Cheshire on October 10, 19100 at 22:11:45:
My galvanized 3/4 inch line finally gave up the ghost. I am thinking of using either PEX or PVC as
a replacement (1 to 11/4 inch, with a run from meter to house of about 200 feet). The local plumbing
company I called keeps trying to sell me copper, but this seems much more expensive than either PEX
or PVC. Question: what is involved in joining PEX to the water meter line and the existing galvanized
line going into the house? How much should I expect to pay per foot for 1 inch PEX? Any and
all facts and suggestions re: installing a new supply line would be greatly appreciated.

Ardner Cheshire
Tucson, AZ

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