Resurfacing fiberglass tub
Posted by Kari C. on October 10, 19100 at 09:21:29:
Found a similar question and its answer already posted--you were exactly right on the price...$334 was
the quote I got. The problem is that I'm not willing to pay that much to resurface a 15 year old tub and
wouldn't mind attempting the project myself if it can be done to look half-way decent. Our situation is
that we just moved into a house where it looks like the previous owners filled the tub half-way with bleach
water and let it sit until it completely ruined the finish. It is now rough to the touch and feels horrible.
Can you tell me the process to attempt to do this? I'm assuming it starts with some sanding--if so, what
type of sandpaper--then painting on that product you suggested (Klenk's Aqua something). What does
a person paint it on with, how many coats, etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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