Re: hooking up from house to regulator to meter
Posted by DMAC on October 09, 19100 at 20:49:21:
In response to Re: hooking up from house to regulator to meter
: I dont know how to do it.Ive got 3/4" pipe run from my house to the outside but have no idea how to hook it up to the meter...........................HELP

come out of the meter with a piece of pipe long enough to
exit the meter box approximately 12" put your regulator
at the end of that pipe. if you have a copper line get a
copper male adapter solder it on the end of your copper
tubing. run it to the line at the house, connect it the
same way.

if you have pvc pipe hook up the regualtor the same way,
but then get a female adapter (male adapters are more prone to break)
, glue it on the end of the pipe and use a galvanized nipple to connect to the
regualtor hook up the other end the same way.

then use another meter box for ready access to the regulator.

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