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Posted by dick on October 09, 19100 at 11:30:54:
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: We live in a windy area in New Mexico. Four to five times during the year the pilots on the furnace and water heater will go out during a high wind. The vent pipes are seperate and have the conventional flat topped vent topper.

: Are there any turbine type tops for these smaller vent pipes and would this work? Any suggestions- I'm afraid we'll be on vacation for a real cold snap- have the pilots go out and have the pipes freeze.

There are several different brands of vent tops available for standard 3 and 4 inch vent pipes. each brand has a different style. They are all supposed to prevent the problem you are having.
I don't know of anybody who has tested these to determine which brand is better. But , they are cheap and easy to install. just buy another brand and try it!
Also, check the pilot lights and see if there is an adjustment to make a bigger flame.

I got mine at home depot and have no problems, don't recall the brand. We don't have the consistant winds like NM but ocasionaly have winds just as high.
You might also consider raising the vents a little to see if local wind turbulance is contributing to the problem.

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