RE: Camera Inspection
Posted by Casman on October 09, 19100 at 11:27:53:
Terry, I had a camera run through my drain line in the basement floor. Apparently, at around 22 feet or so there is a wye fitting. This fitting is tilted to the right. The branch to the right runs about 12 feet to an abandoned crock that the gutter used to service. The branch to the left runs out I guess. The plumber couldn't get the camera to turn to the left and he said that probably all the snaking I've had done has only served to clear up any obstructions at the Y. The suggestion was to replace the whole thing, He said 40 feet at a cost of $2000. I was told I have clay pipe. A guy here in my office said why don't I do it myself and just replace the wye. Is this feesible. If so what materials, do I use pvc and somehow join the 2. The plumber tried for 2 hours to get his camera to turn left but it wouldn't. Any advice would be apprec. Thanks

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