Toilets/Bathtub Faucets/Water Odor
Posted by Doug Hendrix on October 08, 19100 at 10:17:25:
Hey Terry,
we are first time home owners of a 30 yer old house in Tampa bay. Got three questions for you. While I'm no idiot and I have tackled eletrical repairs after research, I don't know if I wanna mess with these.
1) In our master bathroom we have a rather foul (maybe sulfer) smell being emitted from the hot water side of the bathroom sink for about 30 seconds after turning it on. This doesn't happen at any other sink in the house. It also doesn't happen in the shower in the same bathroom. Something growing in the hotwater pipe at the sink head?
2) In our second bathroom: I don't know if it is a low flow toilet but it almost never gets everthing down onthe first flush. Totally differant than the master bath. Get a really slow turn on the water and more often than not you have to stick around and flush again. This is regardless of what's been left in the toilet. We have a septic tank and although the master bath toilet flushes in a totally differant fashion, both toilets back up about twice every 3 months. We've dropped Rid-Ex into the toilet system regually so I don't understand this one.
3) My wife finally broke the cold water faucet off the bathtub in the second bathroom. faucets in both bathrooms have been leaking since we bought the house. In an effort to stem the flow she lurched down on the faucet and broke the plastic handle. Went to Lowe's and talked to one of the vendors who just happened to be restoking his items. Guy told me I need to get in through the access panel (sealed up in my daughters room)remove the hot, cold, and shower knob and replace them all at once. To do this he's talking about blow torches, puller tools and you know the rest. You'd think a 15 year military guy would have these tools just lying around the house. I don't know, I don't want to risk a botched repair job...think I should go with the plumber. THe faucets in the master bath leak as well.
Appreciate the advice ahead of time.
DOug H.

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