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Posted by More on October 08, 19100 at 00:20:42:
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: A few weeks back I had a problem with water backing up through the floor drain. I had a plumber come out and they snaked the line. One week later I had the same problem and not wanting to screw around I called another plumber out that I had used before. The first guy didn't put the cleanouts back on and left me a big ass pipe wrench. The second guy snaked a bunch of spots and the problem resolved. Now I got water leaking out around the stack they snaked both from the wall and the bottom of the stack. I checked for leaking pipes and there is none. I pulled the cap off where they snaked and it is holding water. Am I screwed. Should I have them come back out and resnake? This house is 110 yrs old.

Look up above this page at Terrys picture and click on shopping. Look for smoke. Add smoke to the stack to find out where the leak is, and have it fixed.

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