Re: Galvinzed pipe debris in a rental home
Posted by Terry Love on October 07, 19100 at 19:59:00:
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: I am renting a fairly old rambler. We have noticed an orange tint in our water for the past couple months. Sometimes the orange-rustic debris comes out thick and looks like blood pooring out of a sink in a horror movie...=) I know the pipes are galvanized.

: a) Is this dangerous to our health?
Not that I am aware of. Testing of water can be done for about $20.
: b) How do we resolve?
Most people run the water to clear the lines before using. When the water sets, and then is used for the first time, it will loosen up the rust. That is the dark water you see. Many homeowners live with this until the volumn of flow gets quite low and then replace their pipes at some point in time. I always think it's nice to replace the pipes and then just charge more for rent.

If the high amount of rust is recent, and comes mainly out of the hot side, you may have a water heater ready to go out.

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